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Sports Science - Dehydration In my last article, I talked about overhydration and how it affects your body. In this article we'll look at dehydration and why it's important to make sure you drink enough. Cyclists often have to carry their fluids with them, and/or plan where and when they are going to stop and drink something. Whether training for or competing in an event, you can't ignore how >>
Sports Science - Overhydration
It is very important to stay hydrated when training, and while it is important to make sure you drink enough fluid, it is also very important to make sure that you don't drink too much. Overhydration is also known as hyponotremia or water intoxication. It occurs when you drink too much fluid and the sodium (salt) level in your bloodstream becomes diluted. This causes the amount of salt available >>
The Protein Myth
It's no secret that endurance athletes love their carbs, and no denying that carbohydrate is the best energy source for endurance athletes. It's something of a love affair, and it's been going on for a very long time. After all, carbohydrate is the athlete's main fuel source. If you eat the right amount, it increases the amount of glycogen stored in your liver and muscles meaning you will be able >>
Alcohol and the Athlete
There is no getting around it. In today's society, alcohol is everywhere. It is freely available and cheap to buy. You find it at nearly every social gathering, you probably live within 10 minutes of a pub or a bottle shop, and these days you can buy a box of beer and a $6 bottle of wine with your grocery shopping. With all this alcohol around, many athletes drink it. It is something that we, as >>
Are Sports Drinks really necessary?
Walk into any gym, or sit in a café on Tamaki Drive and watch the cyclists and joggers go by, and you will see most of them drinking a strange, brightly coloured liquid. It has exotic sounding names such as Mountain Blast and Tangy Apple and Berry Ice and Cherry Rain; and it's all being sucked down by the bucketful. When asked their reasons for drinking this stuff, the standard reply is 'to >>
The Magic Bullet Part 3
Nutritional supplements are an enormous industry. Not only related to sport performance, but weight loss, naturopathy and medical. So how do we cut through all the marketing and sales copy to 'sort the wheat from the chaff' so to speak? This article will offer you a few tips on how to evaluate a supplement and the marketing claims that accompany it. Then we'll touch on a couple of the >>
The Magic Bullet Part II
Last month, I took a brief look at the history of sport supplements, how athletes used them now, and talked about how supplements can be used inappropriately or without the correct education as to what is being consumed. We're now going to look at a few examples of supplements that, while are not harmful, just maybe promote themselves as being a little bit better than they are in reality. B >>
The Magic Bullet: Does it exist?
Dietary supplements have been used for hundreds of years by athletes in an attempt to enhance athletic performance. Documents from the time of Roman gladiators state that they consumed the herb dillweed in the belief it gave energy; it doesn't………but it tastes good on salmon. The Greek Olympians used mushrooms to enhance performance. Now, I know some types of mushrooms may make you >>
Does Nutrition Really Matter?
There are a lot of people who think taking vitamins and carrying around a bottle of filtered water all day will make them healthy. It is true that this practice may make the person healthier than if he/she did not do it, but it does not necessarily make them "healthy" if they also smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. On the other end of the spectrum, we all have that friend who eats (or even >>
What do I eat after my workout?
What is it about nutrition that makes everyone think he/she is an expert? Here is one of my typical discussions. Big Larry On the Bike (BLOB): With the kilometers we do, we really need to eat two protein bars during the day to get enough protein. Me: Oh ya, why is that? BLOB: It is just too hard to get enough protein without eating protein bars. Me: Really, how much protein do we need?  >>
Will I ever be a sprinter?
Cycling NZ #8- Will I ever be a sprinter? I can probably count on one hand the number of sprints I have won in my life. It is a rare enough occurrence that when I do win, others are sure to hear about it. For instance, recently I was rubbing it in to my slayed competitor how pathetic it was that they lost to me, a guy with 3 fast twitch fibers in his whole body. The 6-year old victim >>
Fatigue Prevention
Recently on a ride someone asked me, "If you drank enough carbohydrate during the ride to match the amount you were using, would you fatigue?" I thought it was a pretty good question. We are taught to drink carbohydrate during a ride to prevent fatigue. There is no doubt that drinking carbohydrate will help prevent fatigue, however, it is not the whole story. Fatigue is a very complicated >>
Haemoglobin and red blood cells are topics that many cyclists know a bit about, unfortunately that is mostly because of the incessant news stories about EPO and blood transfusions being used among cyclists as ways of increasing red blood cell number and thus oxygen carrying capacity. However, in this column I will focus more on what happens when the opposite occurs, that is "anaemia" or iron >>
Cycling God or Rock and Roll Hero?
In a bit of a departure from my regular column I thought I would share a recent experience. Through a little good fortune and happenstance this past week I took Michael Ward out for 4.5 hr ride in the Waitaks. Michael is an Grammy-winning guitarist in Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, one of the hardest touring bands in the world. As many of you know, you can get to know someone pretty >>
What the Hell is an Anaerobic Threshold?
"Anaerobic Threshold" is a term thrown around by athletes and coaches alike with the same regularity as "hurt box" or "blocked". In reality the former has about as much physiological reality as the latter two, which of course is none. The physiological definition of a threshold is "a limit below which a stimulus causes no reaction". But, of course a threshold is a pretty easy concept to >>
How much food do Tour de France athletes eat and why is it limiting to performance?
TV coverage of sports is prone to exaggeration. As much as I love the spectacle of the Tour de France, not even Phil and Paul are immune to exaggeration. But, one thing that is not embellished is the quantity of food that it takes to sustain energy throughout the Tour. Have you ever thought about how much food the cyclists must eat to get through a 3-week tour? In other words, how much food >>
Fuel Use During Cycling
If you ask some bike riders why they ride, the common answer is so they can eat whatever they want. To a certain extent this is true if you consider weight control, but not so true if you are talking about overall health. One of the most important functions of food is its use as fuel. In fact at the top echelon of cycling where athletes have to sustain a large amount of work over a prolonged >>
Nutrition and Metabolism
A big challenge to scientists is making science comprehensible to the general public. The reason for this is that just like any profession there are technical terms, jargon, and concepts that we have spent many years working with and we forget that they are not always simple without the appropriate background. The difficulty in translating scientific research to lay language can be dealt with >>
Dramatic Positive Dope Test In US Re-Awakens Debates Over The Safety Of Nutritional Supplements
So we've heard it all before. An athlete tests positive for an anabolic steroid, and he/she claims "it must have been in one of my supplements", and we all go "yeah, or in your tea, or the town's drinking water or something..get real!" Well now we have a REAL DEBATE on our hands with the very intelligent forethought of a (very successful) cyclist in the US, Scott Moninger. Having recently >>
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