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The Cycle Clinic By Craig Baldwin This months Topic Cleat Wedges 1/2/2011 Many people who cycle would benefit greatly from the use of an angled cleat wedge or two. What is a cleat wedge? A cleat wedge is a small angles spacer that sits between your cleat and shoe, these can be angled to the inside or outside of your foot depending on the amount of natural forefoot tilt you have in >>
The Cycle Clinic By Craig Baldwin Bike fitting FAQs Part 2 Q I get knee pain when running and more recently i have started getting knee pain while cycling! Is this the same issue? A The most likely cause of your knee pain would be iIliotibial band syndrome (ITB syndrome for short). A tight ITB can cause lots of issues when running such as causing friction and pain to the outside of the >>
Bike Fitting FAQS
Bike fitting FAQs Part 1 Q A friend of mine said i need to be able to see my front hub when i am sat on a bike!! is this true? A This simple way of judging reach was thought of back when bike fitting was in a very primitive form, These days the measurements used for bike set up should be based more on the bodies natural angles and flexibility due to the fact that every person has very >>
Numb Feet Anyone?
Numbness in the feet and toes when cycling can be caused by a number of things.The most common are. Fit of your shoe Feet are not adequately supported Weather and Wind chill Cleat positioning Which shoe is for you?It is important before you buy a pair of cycling shoes that you are aware of what size and shape feet you have, every shoe is different in the same way that every >>
Cycle Clinic With Craig Baldwin
WHAT ARE FOOTBEDS?Footbeds are insoles/orthotics for your foot. they evenly distribute your weight over the entire insole(your foot has around 97% contact with a correctly fitted orthotic compared to around 40-50% with a conventional insole depending on your foot type.DO I NEED THEM?I personally think anyone who rides a bike should use some kind of fitted orthotic. There are so many benefits. I >>
A Pain in the Back
Back pain when cycling can be caused by a number of things.The most common are. Excessive reach to the handlebars Too large of a drop from saddle/bars. Saddle too high Leg length discrepancyExcessive reach to the handlebars.Excessive reach to the handlebars stretches the body outside of its natural comfort zone and puts a huge amount of stress on the lower back and shoulders.Drop from >>
Knee Pain
This months Topic - Knee Pain Knee pain when cycling can be caused by a number of things.The most common are. Pronation ITB Band issues Incorrect Saddle height knee alignment issues Pronation is the probably most common cause of knee pain when cyclingGenerally the more a person pronates then the more pressure they are likely to push down on the inside of their knee when >>
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