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Secret Number 1 : Hill Training
Secret Number 1 : Hill Training OH YAWN, been there before ay? Well not quite. After the 2000 Tour de France there was an interview with Chris Carmicheal, Lance Armstrongs Coach to announce that a totally new method of training had been developed. Because of Lance Armstrongs cancer Chris Carmichael had to give Lance very low intensity training and discovered that this low intensity >>
Secret Number 2 : Train with a Group
Secret Number 2 : Train with a Group Have you ever noticed that a race is far easier than a time trial by yourself of the same distance? Also group training sessions seem to be easier than training by yourself. The reason for this is that it is not all your own will power pushing you. It seems that when you train in a squad your mental effort is spread amongst all your training partners, in >>
Secret Number 3 : Speed & Power Training
Secret Number 3 : Speed & Power training This is free speed work because it is speed work that does not knock you around. We all know that speed work is very intense and once again the strain on the cardiovascular system is the thing that really fatigues you. So how do we take the cardiovascular system out of your speed work while retaining, say for running the stride rate and the stride >>
Secret Number 4 : Tempo Racing
Secret Number 4 : Tempo Racing Something I have often noticed is athletes often hammer themselves in their warm up racing and this means they can only race a couple of times before they are toast, often before their peak race. This also limits the development of their speed. They blow up before they reach the speed they are capable of. If you could race at only 70-80% effort instead of >>
Secret Number 5 : Progressive Adaptation vs Crash Training
Secret Number 5 : Progressive Adaptation Verses Crash Training Progressive adaptation is the traditional way training is carried out. In other words you put a little bit of load on the body, the body adapts, you increase a little bit more your body adapts progressively up to peak. Crash training this is where you shock the body with something that is very different or with a lot more >>
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