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Gordon McCauley
Road Rash at Puke Express
So with the Subway Avanti team training camp in Christchurch out of the way I headed back to Auckland and gridded up for the 100km Flyer.Team GMC Coaching had 13 riders on the start grid as either build up for Southland, K2 or Taupo.The day dawn with crap wind and rain so it was gonna be a tough day for all... When I woke that morning I didn't realize how tough.The race started with 2000 people >>
Gordys Taupo - Napier Win
So finally I managed a win in a really hilly race!My climbing form is the best it's been in probably 8-9 years, I even had an average cadence of almost 90rpm for the day and thats unheard of for me in even a crit, let alone a 140km race with 1600 metres of climbing.The race went with out a hitch really, it was raining and crappy at Taupo so I chose the heavier training wheel option rather than my >>
Tour of Gippsland all go
The Tour of Gippsland in Victoria Australia started yesterday with a large contingent of Kiwi's battling it out with our Australian counterparts. Included in the Kiwi line up is OEX team Enterprize led by Former junior world champion Jeremy Yates, his team-mates include Former U-23 national champions Eliot Crowther and Thomas Hanover, Taranaki strongman Brett Tivers and Al Dempsey from >>
Unhappy Campers at Astana
It appears all is still not well at Astana. Astana director and former top pro Slava Ekimov has twittered that Alberto Contador still has not thanked his team-mates for all thier help in the TDF and considers it a lack of respect. This with the rumored transfer talks of Andy and Frank Schleck aswell as climber Brice Felliu to Armstrongs new Radio Shack team can only add feul to the fire of the >>
Roly's a Dad
With all the perfect timing of a Team's Pursuit rider Moses Roulston was born @ 2.58, It's been a three huge weeks for Roly with his 1st ever Tour de France under his belt, including equalling NZ's best ever stage result. I'm sure all NZ's Elite riders will now be quaking in thier cleats with the thought of yet another Roly to deal out the Punishment in future years. So Congratulation to >>
Kashi's coming home!
International mountain bike racer Kashi Leuchs returns to New ZealandBy Derek Morrison Three-time Olympic cross-country mountain bike racer and 14-time cross-country World Championship contender Kashi Leuchs, of Dunedin, has announced he is leaving the world racing circuit and is returning to New Zealand to take up new challenges. "I'm leaving France and my career as a pro mountain biker to >>
Contador V Armstrong 2010?
Alberto Contador has blasted 7 time Tour de France winner claiming 'I have no admiration for him and never will, even if he is a great champion' Alberto claim's there was tension in the Astana team from day one putting the team technical staff and other team riders in an uncomfortable position. What can we expect in 2010? Here at we don't think Big Tex will take this lying down >>
Nude Ride number 1
1. World Naked Bike Ride, Worldwide - June and July In a recent survey of nude events the world naked bike ride came out on top (No pun Intended). Each year since 2004, bike riders have joined to celebrate cycling and protest a culture where cars are king. This year, in 20 countries around the world, participants advocated freedom from oil and fabric. Nude cyclists bared their bodies with >>
Tour de France stage 20 Gordy report
Inspirational! Both Lance Armstrong and Hayden Roulston have been inspirational for me for the last 3 weeks...Why? 1st of all lets focus on Roly, I like to think I gave him a pretty good run for his money at the Tour of Southland last year and despite us not seeing eye to eye all of the time I have the upmost respect for how good a bike rider he is. 2ndly, Roly has basically ridden club races >>
Tour de France Stage 18 Gordy Report
Alberto the Tracky? It seems Alberto could have the potential to ride the Motor Pace race on the track...if you listen to Fabian Cancellara that is, it appears the TV motor bikes were a little to close to the slimey little Spaniard..afterall how does a 60kg rider knock out a 48min 40km TT that is primarily flat after 18 days of racing? My man Big Tex didn't really fire, but moved himself up >>
Tour de France Stage 17 Gordy Report
So who's a naughty boy then? So Contador attacked when he shouldn't have! But hey so would I have, he's stuck with Astana till the end of 2010 even with the return of Alexander Vinokourov...Lance and Johan are off to start thier own team and will probably take Horner,Levi and Popo with them. From his perspective he's probably trying to get a win under the belt whist he can, because lets face >>
Tour de France Stage 16 Gordy Report -
So who wanted Nicolas Roche to win? I did.. Stephen Roche was my hero when I started cycling 23 years ago.. for those that don't know what Stephen's done in his career (and your a disgrace to cycling if you don't) He won the Tour of Italy,Tour de France and the World Road Race champs in 1987... a feet only equalled by the great Eddy Merckx. I've raced a little bit with Nicolas and I was lucky >>
Tour de France Stage 15 - Gordy Report - Finally Some Action!
Finally some action! Finally Astana has put the smack down..we knew it was coming, and Alberto didn't let us down! From where I was sitting it looked like nobody could catch him even if they wanted to, even Andy Shleck couldn't respond, but why the hell wasn't he on Alberto's wheel?, he must have seen on the stage to Andorra that unless he's on the wheel he's doomed. I see my perennial favourite >>
Tour de France Stage 14 - Gordy Report
Didn't he do well! Well my Nemisis in the Tour of Southland has stepped it up a gear...whilst I was doing the Albany bunch and chasing back on after repairing a flat (No team car on the Sunday Bunchy).. Roly was knocking it up with the big boys equalling the highest ever finish by a Kiwi on a stage of the Tour.. (I bet he didn't enjoy a custard twist at the bakery though). The other 3rd place >>
Tour de France Stage 13 Part 2 - Gordy Report
So it really is war in France! With the Isle of Mann launching missile attack after missile attack on the French they have decided to hit back... Why then with Cav coming from the Isle of Mann have they started attacking New Zealand? Did we not save thier arses in WW1 and WW2?... 1st they bomb ships in our ports (think rainbow Warrior)... then they perfrom all thier nuclear tests on some small >>
Tour de France Stage 13 - Gordy Report
So the TDF organisers let me have a day off writing yesterday as a seriuos case of 'Man Flu' ripped thru Chez McCauley and naturally they werent keen on it infecting the whole bunch. As its windy and rainy here in Auckland you've no idea how happy I was to see some crap weather for the Big boys to race in. I was even happier when Heinrich dropped Chavanel on a descent to solo in for the win, not >>
Tour de France Stage 11 - Gordy Report
Missile Strike in France! The Isle of Man have launched yet another Missile strike against another country!Earlier this month they launched thier 1st missle against France in the form of Mark Cavandish a gobby local boy done well from the Isle and continue to launch strike after strike. The french seem unable to respond and have called in assistance from from the United Nations in an effort to >>
Tour de France Stage 10 - Gordy Report
So it was another sprint and predictably another win for Cav... but the main story of the day was the exclusion of race radios. Personally I'm on the fence on this one, I think they are great for certain reasons and I've taken advantage of radios, for example: They are great for controlling gaps to break-aways , you can get up to date info on who is in the breaks , who to let go, who to chase etc >>
Tour de France Stage Rest Day Report
It was meant to be my rest day today, but because the boys in France are off having a wee practice ride, I thought I'd keep my typing skills sharp aswell and write a wee story. I was on the erg at 6.30am watching the 2005 tour doing my SE's today, and I started noticing the fashion in the Tour.. Big Tex was'nt sporting the full yellow shorts,Helmet,Socks etc etc.. he just donned the yellow jersey >>
Tour de France Stage 9 - Gordy Report
Booooooring! Whats up with the lack or mountain top finish's?.. It's great that Fedrigo won the stage but I don't care if some Domestique from team BBox Lego set wins a stage (unless of course it was me) I wanna see the GC riders ripping into it! . What are the organisers thinking?.. I payed good money to have Sky TV installed to watch the tour and all I'm watching is a bunch of shadow boxing, I >>
Tour de France Stage 8 - Gordy Report
As predicted not much happened on the GC front..I guess thats at least one prediction I've got right this week! Cadel attacked on the 1st climb which to be honest was pretty wishfull thinking as it was still 140km to go. Luis leon Sanchez got his win, and Vladimer Efimkim sat on all day then still ballsed it up! I had someone sit on me all day in a pretty big race last year and balls that up >>
Tour de France Stage 7 - Gordy Report
Brice Feillu, what a Plonker!... not because he was an awesome result... Why then?... he didn't zip his jersey up for the finish thats why!He's in a small french team that got a wild card entry into the tour...they need publicity and I'm sure the Agritubal company directors will be rueing the missed chance of a sweet photo on the board room wall. On the upside for him he did grab the KOM >>
Tour de France Stage 6 - Gordy Report
Close but no cigar!... My pick for the stage Pipo Pozzato almost bought home the bacon for me and had he consumed a Brankos coffee before the start ( I pretty sure he would have been drinking champagne by now! David Miller was definatly the man of day, and being some what of a lone long break specialist I was willing him to make it... incidently Millers position on the bike >>
Tour de France Stage 5 - Gordy Report
It's clear to me that Thomas Voekler reads why else would he have gone on the attack and take a brilliant stage win?Naturally he's heard the 'Peoples Champion' is writing daily reports for cyclingnz, seen that I picked him to go on the attack on stage 2 and thought 'jeez...GMac expected me to attack..I better not let the big man down!'... that would be the reason would'nt it?Of >>
Tour de France Stage 4 - Gordy Report
Nostragordis is Back.. I'm back on track with my predictions! Astana won the TTT and Cancellara held the jersey...but only just!Columbia HTC impressed me once again (I'm sure they are stoked I'm impressed)..5th place and only loosing 59secs after all the work that they have done over the last 2 days means that those boys can go!Looks like Cadel did most of the work on Lotto, which means that he >>
Tour de France Stage 3 - Gordy Report
What a ripper that was!I was sitting on the Erg this morning doing my SE's watching the coverage and felt my cadence lift when the break formed with 30km to go...and from there on in I didn't miss a turn. Once again my pick Tornado Tom let me down, but Big Tex didn't, my pick for the tour win snuck a few seconds back on the GC guys that beat him in the prologue. But lets be honest, Columbia HTC >>
Tour de France Stage 2 - Gordy Report
Well my 100% prediction record came apart on the second day...Both the Toms let me down, no break-away and no sprint win! That was a master class in sprint lead-outs though wasn't it?... Columbia HTC showed that they are the new Panasonic or Aqua and Saponi of the sprint world, it was especially awesome to see Milram,Garmin and Columbia all drag racing with 1.5km to go. Hats off to Cavandish >>
Tour de France Stage 1 - Gordy Report
So...I'm 1 for 1... thats 100% on my predictions so far...but lets be honest that was pretty easy to get right!Cancellara just won the Tour of Switzerland overall so despite it being a hilly TT he was always going to have a good ride, clearly he can get up a hill pretty fast! Now the Editor of this fine web-site has asked me to write a little about the training each rider would have done for each >>
Gordys on Board for the TDF
Gordy McCauley aka "The Peoples Champion" will be joining us at for the Tour de France, bringing us the inside scoop on just what the winning pro riders have been up to for preperation coming into perhaps the most competitive Tour ever. In a race filled with Time Trials, sprint stages and the most punishing of all mountain stages riders of different abilities and qualities will top >>
Gordys Mauku Mountain Classic - What a Day!!
So.. I had organised to meet the infamous Ric Reid at Point Chev cnr at 10.30am so we could ride out to the Mauku Mtn classic.Its about a 60km ride to Mauku with the start not till 2pm but I made our leaving time early because A: Ric is always running late B: It was a dirty gale force head wind all the way C: there are alot of traffic lights to slow us down D: We could take it easy, maybe grab a >>
Moving on..
Hi Again.. I just thought I'd get in early before the rumor mill starts going crazy. I have left team Monex,however I'm not going into retirement(again) and will be finishing the season in the USA. The reason for leaving.... Much the same as last time .....( boy am I a slow learner) I spent all of last year training and racing hard and trying to build a good reputation for myself as a bike >>
Back to basics
Hmmmmmmmmm, Where do I start?...I'm getting hammered! I'm down in the south of the good ole USA getting a hiding in the far we have done Athens,Roswell and Walterboro and at the moment I'm waiting around for the start of the Greenwood crit. These crits are about 80km long and they are FAST...every time I look at my SRM the speed is about 50kmph and my heart rate is thru the roof.  >>
THe Final Countdown
The countdown has begun... The last few days for me have revolved around and more training. The order of the day has been 6 hours.....everyday. I have a new custom TT frame on the way for the rest of the season and can't wait to haul ass in the TT at Nature Valley Stage race. But 1st, it's off to do the crits in Georgia and down south(3 day drive)then off to do >>
1st Runs on the board
Well.... I have had my 1st win for the season in the U.S....In fact it's also the 1st win for Monex this year. To make it even better I took 3 wins for Monex over the weekend. 7 of us from the Monex team headed south to L.A over the weekend for the L.A 3 stage Omnium..(that basically means a tour with the winner calculated on points and not time). The 1st stage was a 20km flat TT, >>
Sick.....and it's raining
Hi From rainy Santa Rosa USA… I arrived 5 days ago and have already raced twice…. I survived the 1st ninety minute crit and had a go in the bunch sprint but sucked as usual… The next day we did a 100km crit and I had nothing in the tank so it was my 1st DNF of the season. As it happens on the 5 hour drive back to Santa Rosa I started to feel a bit crap. The next day I woke up with a fever >>
First UCI Points
I've just picked up my 1st UCI points of the season finishing 2nd in the Lincoln GP in England. I have my second race with points here in Belguim today, the GP Stad Villvorde. The form has been pretty good lately but I'm having trouble cracking the top step of the podium. I've had 11 podium places since I arrived in Belguim but none on the top. My sprint (if thats what you'd call it), >>
Tour of Croatia
Hey again, I´ve just pulled out of the tour on the last day. So far the team is a shambles, it is 4 degrees and we have no thermal clothing at all. It took 35 hours to get from Taiwan to Montenegro, then we had an 18 hour drive to Croatia from there. We have 2 mechanics that can`t do a thing so we do it ourselves! The managment inform me that it will get better but I don`t think I´m gonna >>
First Time in Taiwan
Hi Everybody,Well I'm in Taiwan at the moment,and it kinda sucks. I went out for my 1st ride today with a local team and it turned out to be a 100km screw session.The new Carbon TCR Giant felt pretty good, it's a shame my legs did'nt - still - I did'nt get dropped and even put the acid on them all for a few kms. There's heaps of traffic here and doesnt seem to be any country roads at all. I'm >>
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