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Marina Duvnjak
From Portland to Podium
Hey, So I have been hanging out with Mike in Portland OR for the past 3 weeks and it has been wicked!! Time flies when you're having fun! Over the weekend I headed back south to meet up with the Jazz girls in Monterey. We had 2 days of racing. Day 1 = 100km = 9 laps. It was a hard wee circuit, didnt realise there was going to be a 1 km climb every lap. But for some reason this time round >>
Duvnjak Files - The freshest Jazz Apple
So today was a stunner once again!! Not only was the sun out baking, its was by far the most testing course of the 3 days!! It's called Tulsa Tough for a reason!!! The only flat part of the course was the start finish area which was about 400m long and then a hard right into a steep 250m climb, then a few more steps up and up, hard right and slight down hill and a sharp right hand turn down a >>
Duvnjak Files
Hi So, I am sitting at the Philly Airport waiting to fly to our next race!! Nature Valley! Because I was a late arrival to the team I am flying alone this time and will meet the team there! Now I know I am supposed to be a grown up here, but the thought of driving to the airport this morning in the rental car was still pretty nervewrecking. This is a big place and sooooo many >>
Marina Duvnjak - The Freshest Jazz Apple
Hey there So as promised here is the update.... Righto, so as you might have realized I have joined the Jazz Apple cycling team! It was a bit of an unexpected event, but it has turned out great!! The original plan for the year was to take it as it comes and up until like 7 weeks ago I was going on a trip to the US to visit Mike, a couple of emails to Susy asking if I was able to join them for a >>
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