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Avery Podiums Again
Whats up all, Yesterday (Saturday) I raced another UCI 1.2 (Erprijs Victor De Bruyne – Hoboken) where I had a ride I was not expecting. It took me 2 days to recover after the race a couple of weeks ago in Zellik-Garlmaarden and I again I wasn't recovered on Thursday after last Sundays victory. I knew it was getting to the time where I needed a small break. On the Thursday I called my team >>
Victory at the Prijs Stad Roeselaere - Belgium
I got another victory today – one in which I have been waiting a while to get. After last week's near victory I wanted so badly to make up for it. Today's race was the perfect one to seek revenge as I know all the roads like the back of my hand (it's my training area). The race was 170km with two laps over the Kemmelberg. It was the same race as the Women's World Cup event held there today, the >>
Clinton Avery - Omloop van de Grensstreek - Wervik
I raced today the Omloop van de Grensstreek - Wervik and to be honest wasn't expecting to do to well with the race from Sunday in my legs and only one Recovery day, but the team wanted me so I had too race. It was 175km on (for west vlaanderan) a rather hilly circuit including climbs like the kemmel berg (2km long, last 500m at 18% and cobbled) and a few other climbs from around that area. I >>
I See Yellow - Avery Wins Tour of Vlaams Brabant
Well well well, I really don't know how to tell you all without sounding like im bragging… But I just won the Tour of Vlaams Brabant. It's a 5 day tour with 5 stages in the Vlaams Brabant province of Belgium. It was a relatively easy tour but at the same time being really hard. I know to all of you that didn't make sense, but what I mean is the tour wasn't hard enough for any real time gaps and >>
Continental Aspirations
Hey All,Hope all is well. Just thought I would let you know how things have been going and how they are going. I have done 3 races since I talked to you last and 2 of them went well. The 3rd wasn't so good but that had something to do with racing the day before.The first race was GP van Geluwe 1.12 and I was told at the beginning of the race that "even though I had to race the next day I was >>
Last Stop U23 Paris - Roubaix
First off I would like to apologise for the delay, I know people have been waiting to find out how my last attempt at Paris-Roubaix went. Too tell you the truth my fingers were too sore and writing emails was not looking attractive. But the easiest way to say that would be I was too lazy.Anyway my final attempt for U23 paris-roubaix was looking good with those two earlier victories but the team >>
Avery Takes Victory in Belgium
Hey everyone, just another update on how the racing is going as I have raced another two times since the last update. All I can say is... I cant have picked a better time to be coming into form.Anyway so the read isn't too long I'll get on with the races. BTW both race were back to back (Saturday and Sunday) Race 1 was a 120km kermise but being an U23 one everyone thinks not many people will turn >>
Clinton Avery Two Races Back2Back
Read about Clinton's tales from the school of cycling in Belgium on his quest to become a pro cyclist. Im back again..... This time i have to write about two races so in some parts of the story i will spare some detail so you aren't reading all day. Also i never raced these two races back to back, i just haven't had time to write about the first one which was on Friday. Race 1 was in a small >>
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