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Mike Northey
Mike Northey - Tour of Delta
Hi all, its about time for another update! Since Nature Valley I have taken a much needed rest! I hadn't had a week of not racing since I arrived in the States! Spent basically 3 weeks here to which was cool. Got to go out and look around Portland and go swimming in the river! We have had some awesome days here well up into the 30's! I also competed in a local track event here, it was a 6 day >>
Mike Northeys Nature Valley Grad Prix
Been back in Portland coming up one week now. Its been so good finally having a break off the bike and racing! Marina is staying here too so perfect timing! The week has gone fast tho, back into training full swing again next week.Nature Valley ended up not being so bad.. Considering i was feeling really crap to begin with! Last time I updated I was 2 days into the 5 day tour.. Next stage was a >>
Exclusive - Mike Northey Interview
CNZ-Hi Mike, Your third place in Nature Valley this week was standout! With such a high calibre field it must have been on the rivet to keep the break out front. Crater made some nice comments stating "I couldn't believe how hard Northey was going when he went". With a 16 second lead in the young rider classification you must be confident going into the final day? MN- Thanks very much, i >>
Mike Northeys Joe Martin Stage Race USA Update
Stage 1:First stage was a 2.5 mile uphill prologue with a 6.8% average gradient. Was not fun at all, i kinda blew it.. I went way to hard at the start and cracked about 1km to go! Ohwell doesnt really effect the rest of my race!Stage 2:Woke up to thunder and lightening this morning, great! Luckily we started at 2pm so it cleared over, other wise it was going to be a very long and wet 110 miles! >>
Mike Northeys Tour of the Gila
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 Tour of Gila Hi all, sorry it's been late coming but I have finally got around to updating my blog! It was probably the biggest race we will do all season in terms of media coverage and that was only because some guy Lance Armstrong and a couple of his Astana team mates decided to do it!Stage 1: 155kmFirst day was reasonably rolling to start with and then a 7 mile >>
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