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Rosy McCall
Hi Everyone again! Thought i'd give you all a brief update of my take on the Superweek International Cycling Challenge here in Wisconsin after Susy's great report on the N.Z women's development team here, that have certainly made themselves present in this gruelling 9 straight days of racing! I am here with 2 other of my FUJI team mates, and with one race left to go, i can definetly say i >>
Update from the USA
Hi Everyone,Just thought i'd send an update of what's going onhere in the big old USA cycling scene.I have justcompleted my first big race with my new team, teamFUJI at the Bike Jam/ Kelly Cup criterium inBaltimore, Maryland.A pretty standard, average styleCrit coarse, 1 mile loop around a wide park, with afew tight turns, and a false flat finish.. however the coarse was the only thing about that >>
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