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So behind the car I got, and flat stick we went. By now the rain was falling in sheets and at 65km /hour, I couldn't see shite except the back of the car. The only word I allowed myself to think was 'trust'. Click here for the full story.. This image also kindly loaned to Julian by Graham Watson - full photo's on >>
My New Team
It's just gone six in the morning and I'm at the airport heading back home to Spain after my final race of the year. Yesterday was the Paris-Tour World Cup. My final UCI race for the 2003 season. It was also my final race with Team CSC. I will not be continuing with the team next year and instead, have signed a contract with the mighty green French team, Credit Agricole. For good or bad, I >>
Riding The Roller Coaster
The one thing that I've always liked about cycling, and probably the thing that got me into this sport more than anything else when I was younger, was the simplicity of it. It was always very simple. The harder that I worked and the more time and effort I put into it, whether it be training, recovering or stretching, the better I went. It was a simple equation and not many external factors >>
The Lights Are Out
Well, Julian had another terrible night last night with his stomach bug and unfortunately the bug won the battle today. Julz didn't make the time cut in today's first stage in the Pyrenees... It was a 190km with two Cat. 2 climbs, followed by a Hors Category climb and finishing with a mountain top finish up a Cat. 1 climb. Not a good day to be less than 100% healthy for. He was a tough bastard >>
Survival Mode
Carole here. I'm writing coz Julz is crook.....It's very reminiscent of the Vuelta 2 yrs ago actually. Back in 2001, Julian caught a stomach bug and when he wasn't sitting in the saddle of his bike, he was sitting on the loo! Well, he's re-living those hideous moments here. Hence, the lack of a diary last night. I rolled into Zaragoza today to catch a couple days of the race so I figured if >>
Stage Three - A Day In The Rain
Honestly it feels like stage 10 already! The race has been full on with very few relaxing moments. I don't know how much longer it can go on like this before the peloton self-explodes and guys end up all over the show...Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Although we've only had 2 proper road stages so far, they've been hard and fast. We go from the gun and there's little time to take in anything >>
Get, Set, Go!!!!!!!!
Well, we're two days into the Vuelta and for me it hasn't been two very comfortable days. The Team Time Trial was difficult and I suffered a lot. I wasn't good at all. I missed a lot of turns and frankly, I wasn't a lot of use to the team. Not really sure what the story was but it's just like that sometimes. Some days the body goes on strike and no matter how hard you wanna go, your body just >>
Ready for La Vuelta
Well, once again I'm ready to roll. It has been three weeks since the Tour of Denmark and I've just completed my final block of training for the Tour of Spain. I'm now resting up getting ready to take the line for Saturday's start. We're all here in Gijon in the northern provence, Asturias, for the team time trial on Saturday. I've been here a few times. The two that I remember most, is the >>
Victory in Belgium
"Yer Yer" - As they say in Belgium...Well, I've had more than a perfect return to racing. I don't really knowwhat to say other than that I'm absolutely fizzing, yet once again bummedthat I couldn't share it with Carole, who's back at home in Spain.This week I had three very rewarding victories in the Tour of Region Wallonein Belgium. The first came in the 4th stage, the second win was in the >>
At Last.....The Drought Is Over!
Yup! Julz has finally nabbed a win. It's been a bloody long drought which, has at times, driven us both stark raving mad, but he's finally done it. Trenton was his day yet again. Great race that! I got a phone call from him at 3.09am this morning to tell me the most exceptional news. He said, "We won." and I said, "Who won?". I wasn't sure whether his use of the pronoun meant me and him, >>
End of the Classics.....
Well, I have to say that the big races this year were not really that fulfilling for me. In fact, I was pretty disappointed with my performances overall. I also feel that I've had a fair bit of bad luck. But there's no doubt about it - I didn't go into the Spring Classics with the condition that I needed to be in. There were a varying amount of reasons for this - most of which were a matter of >>
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