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Hayden Roulston
Hayden Roulston - World's Time!
Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates! basically there has been nothing to report of huge interest, plus me just being plain old lazy in getting online and posting an update.. so here you go.. the long awaited one, and a good one too.. its worlds time.. i wont go on and tell you of the happenings of late.. deciding to look only forward and not back.. right now im in the team hotel with the >>
In A World Of Pain
Well a lot of you are probably wondering what planet I've disappeared too, and what's been going on, well here you have it straight from the wounded horse's mouth!After Milan San Remo I headed back home with a lot of confidence, and fully ready to start the classic season. I had Dwoors door Vlandaaren first up, followed by E3 Prijs, and then 3 days of de panne (which I can officially say that I >>
Kunne Brussels Kunne And Milan San Remo
Kunne Brussels Kunne Hey everyone....Well this is the first report of the european season... its been a cold start thats for sure with snow, rain, hail all playing havoc in the seasons early races. I've had a bad run to tell you the truth, I got really sick in Malaysia and had to come home after the first day, then when I got home I got hit with the flu which laid me low for about a week. I >>
Inside News From The Discovery Channel Training Camp
Hey everyone, Well heres the first group email from me for 2005. As you all know I'm now with The Discovery Pro Team...... and it is bigger and better than I could ever have imagined! The off-season was a very long one, but I loved being home, catching up with everyone and getting a little bit of training done.I arrived in L.A on the 9th and flew straight to washington for the teams >>
Homeward Bound
Hey everyone….Well this report has been a long time coming. Been meaning to do it, but I have just kept putting it off. Here goes… Our training had gone better than ever in Bordeaux. We had the personal help of terry gyde who brought both hendy and I into the best form of our lives. Hendy showed this with his 4th in the point's race… a kick ass ride, the best of his life that's for sure. I >>
The Training Is Paying Off
Well it's been a while since I last wrote. I've been doing a lot of racing and also a lot of training and I'm happy to report that the training I have been doing is starting to pay off. I'm feeling the best ever on the bike, like I did as an amateur. It's obvious that I have lacked this type of training this year. After a month of solid miles and erg work I can already feel it. I raced the >>
Melbourne World Champs
Well. Where do I start. I haven't written for ages, so bare with me! I got rid of my cyst....finally. It actually just cleared up, after 3 courses of antibiotics that is, and 2 weeks off my rig. So, it was a few panic sessions prior to me leaving for the World track cup in Sydney, but I did get some good training done. Sydney was not a great meeting for myself. My form was ok, but just >>
I've Had It All
E3 What a weekend. I crashed again, which to be honest really pissed me off as I was going well. But you cant do much when you puncture your front wheel coming into a corner. Up until then I had done everything right and I had some really good sensations in my legs. I couldn't believe it coming into the first cobbled section. I was in the top 5 riders and it was so easy there. The shit fight >>
Bring on the Big Dog
To tell you the truth I've had a shit of a time lately with sickness, and a few crashes, not to mention the fast racing as we head into the northern classics season. Today I rode the Dwoors Dor Vlandarin, a 202km, NO actually it was 215km race, which took in some of the famous climbs that are in the Tour of Flanders every year. It was fine all day, which I was very happy with but there was alot >>
European Season Openers
Since I last wrote I have taken hidings from all angles, well at least that is what it has felt like! I came out of Marseilles feeling good, and thinking that I actually had some wrong was I! Or maybe its just that everyone else is going fast but it still aint worked it out. Tour of the Mediterranean We raced the whole week in sunshine which made things very nice. I started >>
First Race of the Season
My first race has now been and gone, and I was extremely happy with how I was going and the feelings I had during the race. I stayed in Spain only for a few days after our team training camp, then I packed up and headed back to my European home in Belgium. I was planning on staying in Spain right up until my first race but I just cracked on living out of suitcase and just wanted to base myself >>
No Rain In Spain
Right now I am in spain training with my team Cofidis. Things are going well, apart from a few hemmys I have popped out due to the suffering I have done over these god forsaken mountains! My off season was so so. Nothing great, did a bit of training, rode a few crits but generally I just lived the life of a normal human being (and loved it!). It was a good break, but now I am back in business >>
Franco Belge
The last 4 days I have been racing in a race called Franco-Belge. At the moment there is a lot of very good riders who are still searching for a contract for next season, so yeah the racing was bloody hard to say the least. I started off good, feeling better than the last few races but still not really good. Really struggling to shake this cold but finished it well so I think it may have left >>
Feeling Motivated
Today I rode the GP Isbergues, which is a round of the French cup. In other words, crazy bloody frenchies attacking from the gun! Ill keep it short though as I didn't finish anywhere great. We did 3 laps of a 5km circuit to start, then 1 big lap, then 2 12km laps to finish off. I didn't expect much at all from myself, as I have been sick since I got home from Poland, but still I wanted to >>
Victory In Poland
Well this is the report I have dreamed about writing ever since I signed my pro contract back in July last year. I will briefly describe my efforts in the Tour of Poland culminating in my stage 7 victory. I was strong on day 1 running 9th. With 1km to go I was solo off the front of a strung out peleton. 600m to go 1 guy joined me/jumped me (ha) and he was 10m in front of me. 150m to go I >>
Going Supersonic
I just got back from the tour in France. The first 2 days I was only a passenger in what I reckon was the Concorde... man, there is a lot of fellas without a contract for next season so there were so many attacks and the speed was so high. I knew that the first couple of days I would be in trouble and I kept telling myself just to hang in there and use it for training for Sept. The second >>
First Race Back on the Road
Yesterday I rode my first race back after the track worlds. The last 2 weeks I have done some very good training, but still with no racing for over 2 months I didn't know what to expect. Actually I was as nervous as #$%@. It was 185km so I just wanted a solid race under my belt…and I got it.Turned out the winning break left us after meter 1! And that was it. I got in a group after about 50km >>
Second in the World
This year my track worlds started with the team's pursuit and with a very inexperienced team we were unsure how we would go. Well we qualified 4th, which with the time we rode surprised the hell out of us, but you can only ride to the conditions and this showed that we were right up there. In the second ride we rode the Russians. We went into this ride with a lot of confidence of beating them. >>
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