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15 Jun, 2009


So, I am sitting at the Philly Airport waiting to fly to our next race!! Nature Valley! Because I was a late arrival to the team I am flying alone this time and will meet the team there! Now I know I am supposed to be a grown up here, but the thought of driving to the airport this morning in the rental car was still pretty nervewrecking. This is a big place and sooooo many signs/east/west.blah blah... but I am pleased to announce I am here alive and well..... I did however manage to get here 3.5 hrs early and now am sitting on the ground typing away trying to amuse myself till the battery dies....

I thought I could get away with eating my ready made lunch/wrap type thing with out dripping it all over myself..... but how wrong was I.... maybe I could kill another 15min trying to clean the sauce off the white t-shirt.... hmmmm......As someone would say..... Messy pup!!

So yeah, Kutztown was pretty cool!! Its about a 30 min ride to trexlertwon where the summer track season goes off!! I was here in 2001 for 3 months and have some great memories of the place.... Met some cool people!! Anyway, so I actually enjoyed sleeping out in the motor home, was like my own little hideaway! The team left this morning at 4.30am, while I was like hehehhe suckers you have to get up so early!! Once they left about an hour later the thunder and rain came down.... so needless to say the fear of getting struck by lightning was back and I got up soon after....

Philly was a pretty wicked race!! First of all there would have been at least 15 Kiwis taking part in the race (men and women).... so it's a great time to catch up!! Our goal for the day was to get my team mate Ruth into the QOM jersey.... and that we did!! It was a hotly contested competition,. But we managed to pull it off!! (for a more detailed race reports and photos please check out I love it when the plan works to a T!!!

The other major highlight was the womens peleton, PASSING the men, about 3 laps into the race!!! bahahhah.... shame!! There were a few words exchanged on the way!!! Dont think I should write them on here, but basically the men got hassled big time!! ha!! If you think about it some of those guys get paid more than the yearly budget for a womens team!!!

Anyhow! My battery's about to die, only 2.5 hrs to go........ ohhhhh!!! :(

Back soon!!

So, continuing from the last blog update!!

I ended up spending more then 8 hours at  Philly Airport in the end. The 2.45pm flight didnt leave till like 6 pm, then spent another hour on the runway for our spot in the line.... and luckily I had managed to change my connection in Chicago to a later fight or I would have not made the race!!  Once I landed in Chicago I was basically sprinting to the next gate, where I was the last passanger on board!! (that flight was also 2 hours delayed) but before I got on to the plane I told the lady I that I HAD to have my bike on board this plane as I had a race at 8am the next morning... blah blah blah... Anyway Southwest Airline were so good as they held the plane up a bit more as the pilot announced "we are just waiting for one more bag from the Philly connection to be loaded then we are off".....   Up until this point its kinda funny as I didnt even really panic all day, I mean what can you do, it happens......  The only thing that cracked me once I got onto that last plane was that there was only 1middle seat available and the stupid white trash lady did not wanna get up, she was expecting me to climb over her to get tot he seat, and its not like she was a stick insect either..... grrrr... its such a small thing, but I was tired and that just CRACKED ME..... made her get up and move the F handbag and drink she had on MY seat!!   (sorry  sounds so stupid, but I had to let it out) ....
Anyhow I made it to the host housing!! Freaking HUGE house and absolutely amazing!!  Unpacked my bike and was pretty much all go for the 6am wake up call!!!

Stage 1 WED:  6 mile TT.. Well the aim for me was to just ride the TT and finish within the time cut!!  I was on my road bike which was sweet as..... basically went for a spin....... towing a  trailer.... man I felt like crap.
We got to go home inbetween the stages and it was straight to be for me (after a shwer of course) 2 hrous boof down!!

Stage 2 WED: 40 lap crit.  inner city.  It was fast and strung out right from the start.  I of course had the best position in the bunch..... if we were going the opposite way that is!!  I was basically the LAST wheel.... anyway again all I had to do was have an easy ride and try recover from the previous days travels.  I am pleased to say I finihsed in one piece and actaully felt really good once I passed all the randoms and was safely in the bunch!!  So thats a good sign!!

Back tomorrow with rest of it!!
Over ....
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