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Topeak Joe Blow Ace  27 Jan 2009
The floor / Track pump is one of those products that makes life a lot easier when there is one on hand, likewise can things become even easier when there is an Ace on hand from Topeak. Late October we managed to get an Ace in the office to inflate the rubber and at first glance it was impressive piece of kit.2 barrells instead of one, A 3 stage inflation dial, Carbon fibre gauge, and a machined >>
Grammo Bike Pod  20 Dec 2008
I was in need of a lighter means to transport the 595 on my upcoming trip to Germany after the changes in luggage allowances made my traditional style hardcase an unfeasible option, they say timing is everything and when the all new 7.5kg Grammo Bike Pod became available two days before my journey it certainly did in this case.I got out the eyecromater and quickly ascertained that my French >>
Review - Sportique Moisturising Body Balm  16 Aug 2008
With the harsh weather battering the New Zealand countryside at the moment the skin takes a real hammering being exposed to the elements and changes in tempreature. I have been lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of a sports care package from Sportique in the USA and can vouch for the surperbe product that is the Moisturising Body Balm. Used after each ride this cream returns the >>
Review - Sportique Century Riding Cream  16 Jul 2008
Since we received our review package from advertising partner Sportique last month I have been a walking, running, riding lubricated frictionless being. One of the first products I grabbed was the Century riding cream widely referred to as "chamois cream". There are many creams on the market for the nether regions, some do and some don't do what they proclaim, for me the two biggest factors are >>
Wabi Woolens USA  7 Jun 2008
Theres something about those nostalgic old cycling photos of Merckx, Hinault and all, seeing them racing against the elements in those styley woolen jerseys. These days they would be just the thing for getting round in and the odd sortie out on the bike. Wabi Woolens in the USA are hand making these hard to find cycling garments in the USA, check out the recent RBR review here and how to get >>
Castelli Cronos Bibshort  9 May 2008
If you are a connosieur of fine Lycra and a lover of freedom then you must try these. I've tried a lot of Bibshorts in my time with all of them proclaiming various features, but to look at the construction of them they all looked similar to each other. This was the first thing that struck me with the Cronos, it is like none before it. The first thing that is obvious is the removal of the >>
4 days till Xmas - Zerorh+ Stylus  21 Dec 2006
The complete eyewear package from Italian manufacturer Zerorh+. The Stylus comes packed with features like the adjustable nose piece to ensure a steady fit on the slimmist of profiles. The flexible NXT lens not only stops a bullet and is guarnteed to never shatter but it is Photocromatic, meaning it will change its shade depending on the light conditions. Perfect for those rides that either start >>
3 days till Xmas - Lake CX105  21 Dec 2006
Available in both mens and womans sizing the CX 105 boasts a full 3 strap enclosure with Action leather & TeKtile synthetic leather and mesh upper for only >>
5 days till Xmas - Topeak Tribag  20 Dec 2006
Made popular by Triathlon use the Tri Bag is now widely used by road riders on endurance missions. The tribag welcomes a big load that would otherwise have to be loaded into your pockets, and is now at your finger tips. Made from Cordura and mesh this Topeak model would have to be of the best quality on the market. The rubberised base not only ensures a non slip mount but will not mark the paint >>
6 days till Xmas - Counties Manukau Racing  18 Dec 2006
Take your cycling in 2007 to another level and progress from the fun rides to recreational racing with the Counties Manukau Club. Racing is handicapped, and graded, ensuring no matter what your age or level you can compete, and enjoy it. See for more >>
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