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ELITE Varion Takes Eurobike Innovation Award  31 Aug 2009
Leading Italian trainer manufacturer ELITE has taken out the Eurobike Innovation in design award with the unveiling of the all new Varion Emotion Roller. The new design allows the rider to throw the bike around as one would do on the road, in and out of the saddle, sprinting, with no limitation. The design utilises as sliding syetem that allows the top roller to slide back and forth on the >>
EMC2 2010 catches up With Eric Mackenzie  15 Aug 2009
This week caught up with Eric Mackenzie of EMC2 (E=MC2) bikes in the plush new confines of Cyco Ponsonby. The Auckland bike designer who grew up racing on the country roads of Kawerau then plied himself to his trade as a professional on the hard roads or Europe had just landed some pre season 2010 bike models and was about to wing his way through to Melbourne for this weekends Aus >>
Lake CX 401  8 Aug 2009
Lake pushed the boundaries two years ago with the CX 400 Custom shoe, no manufacturer had ever added a custom sole to a production shoe before, coupled with its ultra lightweight construction and use of kangaroo leather and CFC carbon it was going to be interesting to see how they stood up to the rigors of everyday riding.I had almost done two years in the 400's when the 401's arrived in the >>
Powerbar Gels  26 Jul 2009
I've been using Powerbar since they 1st introduced their products to New Zealand some 20 years ago. So when Powerbar Gels arrived I knew they would be good. Below is the full scientific breakdown of Powerbar Gel from the Powerbar Website (For those that want the nitty gritty). What I can tell you from personal experience is that they really work! In a 160km race I would generally consume 4-5 >>
San Marco Zoncolan  11 Jul 2009
Having now notched up my 5000th km aboard the San Marco Zoncolan Ti saddle I can now now report on what has been one of the more comfortable tests we have done. I can understand why many of the top pro's on the likes of Astana, Quick Step etc ride San Marco "blanks" even though they are under contract to some big names in bike design. The first thing that grabs you when unboxing the made in >>
Topeak Flypaper  19 Jun 2009
The world's first permanent glueless patch is a bold claim, and one I was eager to see if the all new "Flypaper" from Topeak lived up to.They have been few and far between, those times when one is stranded on the roadside "sans l'air" in the tire. But when that moment comes nothing can be more frustrating. From my experiences with the Flypaper these moments are now surely a thing of the past >>
BraveIT G65 Base Layer - Win on  23 Apr 2009
The Base layer, never seen but much appreciated, especially when it delivers the performance of the new BraveIT G65. When the G65 test samples arrived in the office the timing couldn't have been better, the seasons were changing and the undergarment wardrobe was in need of a revamp! The appearance was like something out of procycling, brilliant white and a mesh weave that looked like it could >>
PowerBar RIDE Bar  28 Mar 2009
After some months of knowing that Nutritional leader PowerBar were launching a new energy bar, the anticipation of whether it was going to hit off on all of the key points was high. This was going to be a new category of bar to complement the current range. 1. It had to be easy to eat at all temperatures. 2. Had to be a comprehensive blend of carbs and proteins for pre and post >>
Take Me Back - Cycling Cap Retrospective  25 Feb 2009
Take me back to the time when the film was black and white and the cotton cap graced the heads of the greats in every shot. Still a piece of any distinguished professionals kit the cap offers the benefits of a sun free spot on top if your'e sporting a Leipheimer up there or keeping the spray from the eyes.Still made in Italy by the same company, Apis caps have manufactured them for such greats >>
Topeak Panoram V16 Dual Wireless Computer  14 Feb 2009
As our thirst for information on the bike grows by the year Topeak have come through with the Dual wireless computer for both speed and cadence. These technologies are not new together, but what was instantly obvious upon opening the package was the ease in what this unit was going to be operated. The single button function takes all of the usual fuss out of scrolling through info on the fly >>
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