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BraveIT Gel Force Gloves  13 Dec 2009
Being an advocate for glove wearing due to the many hours my fingers grace the keyboard I was particularly interested in getting my hands into the new Gel glove range from BraveIT when they arrived in the office. From the first glance they looked sharp with features usually only found on models twice the price, with an rrp guide of $29.90 for the Air Gel and $39.90 for the Force 2 Gel I was >>
ELITE Custom Race Cage  30 Nov 2009
There are some things that the Italian's just always do better. In the world of cycling one of these is the bottle cage. Italian Company ELITE have long been considered the benchmark by the competition and when the all new Custom Race cages turned up in the office it was lucky there were enough to go around! Used by 12 of the 20 UCI Pro-Tour Teams the Custom Race has already done the hard >>
Gel Bot by Hydrapak  9 Nov 2009
For the sake of a better bottle the brains at US Company Hydrapak have come up with just that. When the samples arrived in the office mid year I was intrigued, I guess reaching into the pocket for a gel is a reasonably harmless action but one that is always an issue, ripping the gel open then which pocket shall I put the sticky wrapper into? Well now you have the opportunity to make this a >>
Castelli Bodypaint  14 Oct 2009
The Italian company got rave reviews at Eurobike and Interbike for its Bodypaint shorts, and summer apparel orders are 25% up. Castelli global brand manager Steve Smith told "We're very happy with the outcome of Eurobike and Interbike. While the overall mood of the shows seemed like bike shops are still worried about the situation, even if the high end cycling market is doing >>
Castelli Prologo Jersey  3 Oct 2009
Looking for that new jersey to match with any bib then check out the latest editions of the Castelli Prologo. One of the mainstay garments from the legendary Italian manufacturer that has been cutting cloth for cyclists since 1876 the Prologo is simple in appearance but loaded in features.Firstly these days you can't go past a little safety and the Prologo hits it off with dual reflective >>
Workout Zone Outdoor Facial Repair 30+ Spectrum  23 Sep 2009
Recently I have had the pleasure in evaluating the products in the "Workout Zone" range Developed by Dr Rosy Fenwicke in NZ. Initially one could be forgiven for thinking they have just flipped the top on just another tube of cream, but and it's a big one, there really is a difference here! Sun defence is a huge factor me as a rider, having had two melanomas removed throughout my riding career >>
Eurobike Part 4 - San marco  15 Sep 2009
Italian saddle giant San marco stopped us in our tracks when presented with the Regal of the future. You need to remember this was the most popular racing saddle of the eighties that has come back to the future in a slimmed down guise of super hi tech materials that has created the most exciting saddle ever seen. The San marco Vintage range of saddles have proven popular the world over for >>
Eurobike Part 3  13 Sep 2009
LOOK as usual had a buzz to their stand, the French manufacturer prides themselves on still manufacturing most of what they design in their own factory in Nevers France. The Cofidis 595 looked stunning in the Tour de France and is now made available for the masses. Bill Shook of American Classic his new spoking pattern and newely designed rear hub that utilises two different hub flange >>
Eurobike - Profile Design - A Bend For All  10 Sep 2009
Profile Design launched an army of new aerobar bends to suit every preference be it straight, bend or curved. Reaching for the hand points has now never been easier on the aerobars and now given your range of flexibility and riding style, discipline you will be able to optimise you aerodynamic >>
Look Keo2 Max  3 Sep 2009
Details released on day one of Eurobike from LOOK France, the pedal and carbon pioneering company are releasing a limited production of the all yellow "Alberto Contador" signatured Keo2 Max pedals which commerate his second Tour de France victory. The new Keo range feature an enhanced body shape, stiffer pedalling platform and a stainless steel insert at the connection point of cleat and pedal. >>
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