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Tauranga Open Cycle Races - Full Results
18 Oct, 2003
Event: Tauranga Open 18th October 2003

The Tauranga Open was held in good conditions, with light winds and warm sunny conditions. The start of the A, B & C Grades was held up half an hour as the result of marshalls not showing up. Good racing in the A Grade, although Jack Swart had a heavy fall on a corner, resulting in a suspected broken arm. B Grade racing was fairly negative, coming down to a 1km gallop to the finish. There was also a crash in the U/17 race with Campbell Falconer sustaining facial injuries, as did Ashley Stone, while James Morris had more minor damage.

A Grade 132km

Jeremy Yates International Quik Step 3.23.33
Marc Mackay Velo Sports 3.24.02
Paul Bishop Rotorua 3.30.23
Geoff Burndred Velo Sports 3.30.23
Justin Kerr Hamilton City 3.31.25
David Rae Counties Manukau 3.31.25
Aaron Strong Counties Manukau 3.31.26
Scott Strong Counties Manukau 3.34.05
Paul Sumich Counties Manukau 3.37.26
Miles Watson Hamilton City 3.37.26
Scott Murray Eastern Bay 3.37.27
Mark Crowther Tauranga 3.49.30
Dean Fulton Tauranga 3.49.30
David Hermon Counties Manukau 3.49.30
Leigh Chapman Hamilton DNF
Jack Swart Hamilton DNF (Crash)
William Thompson Akarana DNF

B Grade 88km

Lyle Reilly North Harbour 2.19.59
Nigel Hunt Counties Manukau 2.20.07
Jon Bridges Counties Manukau 2.20.07
George Westerman Eastern Bay 2.20.07
Ben Olesen Morrinsville 2.20.07
Russell Nant Tauranga 2.20.07
Bobby Tuxford Counties Manukau 2.20.07
Roger Creighton Tauranga 2.20.07
Chris Faithfull Counties Manukau 2.20.07
Paul Ritchie Tauranga 2.20.07
Ernie White Gisborne 2.20.07
Bruce Roberts North Harbour 2.20.07
Michael Crowther Morrinsville 2.20.07
Jordan Newlands Te Awamutu 2.20.07
Andrew Smith Te Awamutu 2.20.07
Dion Neems Counties Manukau 2.20.07
Greg Taylor Tauranga 2.20.07
Richard McIvor Te Awamutu 2.20.07
Patrick Kelley Hastings Ramblers 2.20.07
Eddie Kuysten Forestland 2.20.07
John Fitzpatrick North Harbour 2.20.07
Ed Smith Counties Manukau 2.20.07
Rodney Grant Counties Manukau 2.20.31
Chris Andrews Counties Manukau 2.20.31
Michelle Hyland Te Awamutu 2.24.20
Sam Jennings Counties Manukau 2.26.48
Trevor Foley Hamilton City 2.27.31
Paul Sills Counties Manukau 2.27.31
Denis Chatfield Levin 2.44.20
Peter Rennie Hamilton City DNF
Richard Coffey Tauranga DNF

C Grade 66km

Ian Minchin 1.52.43
Miles Harnett Forestland 1.52.43
Graham Geater Rotorua 1.52.43
Stu Crockart Forestland 1.52.43
Luke Hampton Morrinsville 1.52.43
Harry Donker Hamilton 1.52.43
Chris Johnson Te Awamutu 1.52.43
Stephen Crowther Morrinsville 1.52.43
Vickie Burr Morrinsville 1.52.43
Neville Jamieson Counties Manukau 1.52.43
Sally Fraser Te Awamutu 1.52.43

The following were in the same bunch, but are not in finish order

Dave Mackay 1.52.43
Toni Bradshaw Counties Manukau 1.52.43
Karen Fulton Tauranga 1.52.43
Don Buchanan Te Awamutu 1.52.43
Blyth Andrews Hamilton City 1.52.43
Greg Jones Rotorua 1.52.43
Gary Gallagher 1.52.58
Di Michels North Harbour 1.55.00
Stuart McIntosh Counties Manukau 2.02.00
Eddie Kattenberg Tauranga 2.03.20
Stu Gudsell Te Awamutu 2.09.49
Graeme Woolley Tauranga 2.16.07
Rick Te Whiu Forestland 2.21.48
Diane Tonks Te Awamutu 2.22.12
Daniel Shim Tauranga DNF
Dave Cumberlidge Rotorua DNF

Under 17 40km Handicap Start

Kyle Davies Tauranga 1.08.07
Rushlee Buchanan Te Awamutu 1.08.07
Brad Carter Te Awamutu 1.04.40
Luke Cornille Te Awamutu 1.04.44
Tim Bennett Te Awamutu 1.04.44
Mark Langlands Te Awamutu 1.01.06 Fastest Time
Elliot Crowther Morrinsville 1.01.06
Michael Northey North Harbour 1.01.06
Earl Rowney Morrinsville 1.01.06
Logan Hunn Te Awamutu 1.01.19
Shem Rodger Te Awamutu 1.01.19
James Morris Te Awamutu DNF Crash
Ashley Stone Te Awamutu DNF Crash
Campbell Falconer Te Awamutu DNF Crash
Tom Scott Tauranga 1.20.02

Handcyclist Under 15 20km Handicap Start

Jesse Campion Hamilton 39.41
Ryan McCrae Hamilton 39.47
Stephanie Mott 42.53
Ross McLachlan Wanganui 42.55
Melissa Hunt Counties Manukau 38.01
Nathan Bunn Te Awamutu 35.34 Fastest Time
Cameron Whittaker Forestland 35.37
Joshua Kuysten Forestland 35.48
Shaun Higgins Tauranga 37.23
Mitchell Falconer Te Awamutu 37.45
Ben McDonald Tauranga 41.02

Under 13 10km Handicap Start
Charlie Murrell Morrinsville 24.09
Joel Te Whiu Forestland 21.21
Gemma Murrell Morrinsville 21.29
Sjoerd Vanwagtemdomk Te Awamutu 20.30 Fastest Time
Fleur Verdonk Hamilton City 20.30
Samuel Marneth Rust Morrinsville 20.56
Dion Dusevich Morrinsville 23.06

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