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Road Rash
How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?
Auckland cycle courier legend Wade Rose exists on a diet mainly consisting of muffins, cigarettes and coffee. While the effects of the first two are fairly well known; muffins provide a tasty snack and tobacco offers cancer and other nasty diseases, the effects of coffee specifically caffeine - come under much debate. Wade sets his daily coffee quota as, "no less than five cups, no more than >>
Why is it so hard to find good cycling coverage in the media
Being a Pom, I am often accused of being a whinger, even though I try my utmost to avoid complaining to avoid being bracketed in that stereotype. However, when it comes to New Zealand's press I cannot help having a dig, because to be frank, it is generally appalling. When it comes to cycling coverage the situation becomes even more dire. Take for example the New Zealand Herald sports section >>
Cycle Couriers - FAQ
If there is one social environment that encourages small talk more than any other, even around water coolers, it is in elevators. Conversations have to be kept to a minimum as journeys last only a few seconds and, as there are often other people in the lift, subject matter has to be limited so as not to cause offence by bitching about someone else or less importantly give any company secrets >>
The Fury
From our correspondent in the gutter. A recent Road Rash article talked about various acts of discrimination against cyclists and how these acts shouldn't detract from our enjoyment of the sport. Cyclists have a right to use roads, something actually recognized by many local authorities. Auckland City Council for example, has a fully developed cycle strategy aimed at increasing bicycle use >>
Equal Access Please
An unwritten law of couriering is that whenever two or more couriers are travelling together to the same destination, the journey will always turn into a race. A courier's competitive spirit always comes out when challenged by a peer. It was after one particular rampage on the way home from a party that Wendy's on Dominion Road seemed like the best place to refuel. Thanks to Sarah Ulmer's >>
It's The Rider, Not The Bike
From our correspondent in the gutter. A courier's income rests heavily on the ability to get around the city as efficiently as possible. Therefore, it would make sense for a courier to invest in a quality and durable machine, especially as up to 10 hours a day will be spent riding on it. Of course regular maintenance should be carried out to ensure longevity and minimise breakdowns. >>
At the Movies
From our correspondent in the gutter. After a hard day riding and avoiding the irate drivers that populate Auckland, there is nothing better than to relax with a coffee and watch other cyclists suffer on the TV. Which is why those three weeks in July when the Tour de France is on are so enjoyable. But now that the Tour has disappeared from our screens for another year and with Phil and >>
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