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MET Helmets Manta Review
The MET Manta is the Italian companies flagship aero road helmet. Weighing in at a very respectable 220gm the Manta is an extremely versatile helmet. As a long time user of the well-established American brand Giro, I was skeptical to say the least when receiving this helmet. But it was only a matter of minutes of riding with the Manta that I realized just how special this helmet was. Out >>
Saving Energy in the Giros Coldest Wetest Conditions
It turned into a whole new bike race after Wednesday's long, wet race stage of the Giro d'Italia. The "bigs" became the ex-bigs, as 56 riders split away from the field and rode off into the distance. A combination of tired legs, hard terrain, rain, cold, and tactical errors ended the hopes of riders like Basso, Evans, and Vinokourov. They sat at 10 minutes or more behind the new race leader, >>
Tour de France Final TT Predictions
The first Alpine stage of the TdF clearly showed the tactics of the climbing specialists - they have to put time in to Cadel Evans, Christian Vandevelde and Denis Menchov before the Tour leaves the mountains. In the first (stage 4) TT Frank Schleck, Carlos Sastre and Bernhard Kohl lost significant time to the leaders and know that they need a good margin to have a hope of retaining the podium >>
Are you a cold start cyclist?
The scene before a road race can be pretty chaotic. Competitors, bikes, support teams, mechanics, and the 163 empty gel packets to slip on. Surrounding streets may be blocked off and race officials conspire to keep everyone herded into a tight pack near the start line. Most of the riders probably arrived late, still chewing on breakfast and trying to rub some life into their quads and calves.  >>
Achieving the Perfect Set Up
It's a pretty fair bet that most cyclists appreciate that the correct bike and shoe set up enables one to produce the maximum amount of power possible for a particular individual, as well as helping to prevent injuries, minimizing discomfort (especially usual problem spots: neck, back & butt) and it can even prevent saddle sores! But the real question is, how many of us actually spend >>
Cycling Models needed is looking for cool cycling models to pose. We can produce an array of cool cycling shots for your sponsors or family. apply to Auckland & Waikato area only, This service is free of charge, donation is welcome. please email to kevin >>
Give Your Bike A Dream Paint Job
There is a new definition in quality when it comes to repainting racing bikes. Walter Thorburn seems to have kept his skills pretty much to himself apart from those lucky enough to find him and experience the true art of paint refinishing to match, or more often exceed, any cycle paint job we have been fortunate enough to set our glazed cycling eyes over. He is one of us who would rather be >>
Campagnolo v Shimano - The Great Debate
How do you compare Campagnolo to Shimano? IBike's Del Woodford put's forward his views in the first of a regular column from bike shop's around the country. To some there is no comparison, one is just so much better than the other. Both camps can come up with some pretty good arguments as to why they prefer one to the other. Many of today's riders have only ever used Shimano and with its >>
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Waterfront Auckland TT 2-10-10 Tour de Femme
Waterfront Auckland TT 2-10-10 Tour de Femme
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