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Climb Like the Wind Part 3
In the previous two parts of climb like the wind we looked at technique and the need to look at a broad view of the components of climbing to improve it. Finally lets look at training methods to improve your climbing fitness. Suck it in: Hills force us to ride at 2-3 times the power we produce on the flat roads because of having to overcome the resistance that the incline provides. So to >>
Climb like the Wind Part 2
In the last part of climb like the wind we briefly took a holistic look at what contributes to our climbing ability. In this, the second part of the three part series we will check out the finer points of good climbing technique, bearing this in mind: what it feels like can be vastly different to what it looks like. Seated Climbing To keep riding efficiently up hills it is important to >>
Climb Like the Windů
That is breezy and light, floating up a climb without undue fatigue, or that grimace of pain on your face. Hills. The bane of many cyclists that cause angst and suffering beyond our physical limitations. In this, the first part in a series dedicated to the angst we will look at the key components of hill climbing. In the next issue of Endurance Sport we will break down technique, and in the >>
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