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Track Etiquette for the ILT Velodrome
25 Mar, 2008



Ø      All users of the track must be assessed and confirmed as competent to ride the Velodrome. This includes all Derny riders.

Ø       Be on time to sessions at the track. Allow enough time for registration, changing clothes, assembling bike, warm-up, etc. This includes race starts

Ø       Enter the Velodrome via the cyclist’s entrance. No bikes are to be brought in via the Stadium Southland foyer or through the “Fire Exit Doors”.

Ø       No walking on the track.

Ø       No walking or riding on the court surfaces in cycling shoes.

Ø       Do not cross the track, use the tunnel access.

Ø       It is the responsibility of the pedestrian to give way to the riders at all times except in an emergency.

Ø       Do not change clothes in the infield. The velodrome has locker rooms for this purpose.

Ø       Water, water bottles, or hydration systems are not allowed on the banking. There is a drinking fountain in the infield at the pedestrian entrance.

Ø       Foul or abusive language by riders or support personnel will not be tolerated.

Ø      With the exception of the commissaires, mounted riders or other persons authorised by the chief commissaire, no person or object (including starting blocks) may be inside the safety zone when a rider is on the track. (UCI regulation 3.6.072)

Ø      The number of riders on track shall in no case exceed 24 (18 teams for Madison). (UCI regulation 3.1.009). This applies to racing only.

Ø      Only two Dernys are allowed on the track at a time except for in a Derny race.



Warming up:  (Applicable to all public sessions. Private sessions are controlled by the coach/hirer of the track and it is their responsibility to ensure safety.)


Ø      Fast riders use the “measuring line (black)” and the area between the “measuring line” and the “stayers line (blue)” to change.

Ø      Slow riders ride above the “stayers line”.


General: (Applicable to all public sessions.  Private sessions are controlled by the coach/hirer of the track and it is their responsibility to ensure safety.)


Ø      Road bikes are not permitted on the track surface under any circumstances, however can be ridden on the grey safety zone.

Ø      It is the rider’s responsibility to ensue their bike and helmet is in an acceptable and safe condition prior to entering onto the track.

Ø      It is the rider who is entering onto the track to ensure the way is clear before proceeding from the safety zone onto the track surface. This can only be done via the back straight.

Ø      It is the rider who is exiting the track to ensure the way is clear before exiting from the track surface to the safety zone. This can only be done via the front straight.

Ø      When riding slowly in the safety zone riders must stay as far to the left as practicable.

Ø      Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. They may not bear or use on the track any radio communication system (UCI regulation 3.2.005). This includes any ipods or similar devise.

Ø      Riders shall refrain from any collusion, manoeuvre or movement likely to hinder the conduct or distort the result of the race (UCI regulation 3.2.002).

Ø      Riders may not ride on the blue band (Cot de Zur) unless done involuntarily (UCI regulation 3.2.008) ie. in an emergency situation. You should not be crossing this band at speed under any other circumstances

Ø       If a standing start is to be undertaken in the warm up period then a safety marshal must be placed at the beginning of the straight that the standing start is to take place on. This safety marshal is to warn the riders of the impending standing start. It is the responsibility of the rider/holder to ensure that the standing start can be completed safely.

Ø      All riders are responsible for riding straight so as to allow faster riders to pass safely. Never try to get out of the way of a faster rider you must maintain a straight line.

Ø      The faster rider is responsible for passing safely.

Ø       The passing rider should pass on the right of the slower rider.

Ø      A parallel line must be followed in sprint/bell laps (no pulling up) during racing  




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